10 Reasons Why Skirts Are Better Than Pants

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Last updated on May 26th, 2023 at 07:16 pm

Ladies have the free will to shuffle wearing both pants and skirts. And as different individuals, we have diverse insights about the two bottoms- skirts and pants. However, the majority of people on the internet are debating about the most preferred among the two apparel.

After doing a bit of research, I found out that about 80% of ladies think skirts are more competent than pants – well, that calculation includes me. Some people are still wondering why skirts are chosen over pants, and I’d discuss why below.

So, Why Skirts Are Better Than Pants? Below are the actual reasons why skirts are seen better than pants:

  • Skirts are not constrained.
  • They are versatile.
  • Offers more comfort. 
  • Quick release in the toilet. 
  • They enable better ventilation.
  • Passion for fashion.
  • Cheap to purchase.
  • Kilts have more diverse designs than pants.
  • They have useful pockets.
  • Skirts hide the legs.


Skirts are not constrained 

During your day-to-day activities, moving from one place to another is a must. And the last thing you’d ever want as an individual is for you to be impeded by the apparel you are putting on. 

Unlike how pants were made to be confined, skirts are literally freer thereby allowing free movement. This implies that with skirts, your daily walking activities won’t be hindered compared to when you put on pants. 

They are versatile 

In most places, especially some formal or religious areas, putting on pants is definitely not allowed. In other words, skirts are regarded as more modest clothing that can be worn in basically any area. Pants have limited locations where you can wear them to. 

So, imagine wearing your pants to a place where you have to present an important project, and you are not permitted to do the presentation because pants are not authorized. Therefore, It is a skirt all the way!

Offers more comfort 

This is similar to not being constrained. Skirts are super comfortable because of the way they were tailored. They are very free due to the less fabric employed. 

Although there are skirts made with a lot of fabrics which are extremely long skirts, trust me, they still offer more comfort than pants. When putting on skirts, your skin won’t be itching unlike when you put on pants. 

Quick-release in the toilet 

Excretion is inevitable – as confirmed in the characteristics of homo sapiens. If you are in a public place and need to use the toilet, you definitely can’t use the water closet comfortably like you do when you’re home. 

This is because a lot of people have used and will use the toilet, and regardless of how clean it is, you’d want to play safe by excreting in the easiest and safest way. 

And aside from that, since it is a public toilet, you’d need to use the toilet fast as there are a lot of people waiting to do the same. With skirts, you’d be able to release quickly and in the safest way without messing up yourself. But with pants, it is impossible. 

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They enable better ventilation 

Skirts permit sufficient ventilation, no interior layers, chafing at the leg thighs to result in discomfort and skin flaking for germs to munch on, plus, it lessens yeast infections.

Moving forward, during summer, the weather gets too hot. So, you’d need clothing that will make you cool and not extraordinarily hot. 

Putting on a skirt, the mission to feel cool is accomplished because it is a loose type of garment. However, wearing pants during summer is just like planning to feel hotter all through the day. 

Passion for Fashion 

This particular point of fashion justifies that skirts are far better than pants. Technically, pants (or jeans) are in different styles and lengths, plus, they are also called diverse names such as mom jeans, skinny pants, and many more. But these pants trend in different periods. However, this is different with skirts. 

Similar to pants, skirts are in diverse styles, lengths, and a variety of colors – they are also called different names such as maxi skirts, floral skirts, and so on. However, skirts are never out of fashion. They are always trendy. 

Cheap to purchase 

Typically, when going shopping you have to be prepared financially because some of the clothes you obtained or priced a few months ago could be more expensive. 

Pants are specifically pricey due to the material used in tailoring them. Although some skirts are made with similar materials as pants, they are not as expensive as pants. 

Skirts are cheaper to obtain than jeans. For instance, if one pair of pants cost $30, a skirt could cost 10 dollars. So, imagine how many skirts you would purchase for $30. 

Kilts have more diverse designs than pants 

The reason why skirts are better than pants is because of the availability of different designs and patterns to select. The style or designs on pants are limited and common compared to skirts. 

In other words, you could say skirts are more artistry than pants because you can use any type of material (with your preferred design and color) and also tailor it to any style you want. Isn’t this similar to what potters do? Of course, it is.

They have useful pockets

The majority of pants have imaginary pockets. I call them imaginary because a sign of pockets is sewn, but you can’t make use of it. While some actually do have pockets but are extremely small that they can’t contain any of your items. 

Nevertheless, not all skirts have pockets, however, those with pockets are very useful. You can put your hands in your skirt pockets to keep them cool during the winter. Also, while running errands, so you don’t misplace your possessions, you can put them in your pockets. 

Skirts hide the legs

Finally, the reason why skirts are preferred compared to pants is because of their ability to hide the legs. We have different body shapes and sizes. 

There are some people who have short legs, long legs, thin legs, or fat legs and wouldn’t like to reveal them. Putting on pants would only make the matter worse because pants highlight the leg shape. So, in this case, skirts are a very good option. 

Are skirts comfortable to wear compared to pants?

Of course, yea! Skirts are absolutely way more comfortable than pants. Pants are tailored in male structure which means they were originally for males, but due to fashion, ladies now put them on. Regardless of the fact that females put on pants recently, skirts are mostly worn, more comfortable compared to pants, and better than pants. 

Skirts are not tailored with extra fabric for inseam such that airflow would be impeded from the private area.

In addition, if you are observant, you’d notice that after or when putting on your pants during your daily activities, your skin itches due to the fabric that clings to your skin. However, it is not the same with skirts. In fact, due to the airflow and comfort, some guys now put on skirts. 


Do guys wear skirts and why?

Oh, yea! Guys put on skirts. In cultures outside the Western world, guys are known to put on skirt-like apparel and skirts.

However, before this present time, the wearing of skirts by guys subsided a bit. But fashion has decided to grow wide and guys are now putting on skirts. In fact, it is a trend that is about to surround all continents in no time. 

Moving forward, those guys who have always been used to putting on skirts were being asked why they choose to put on skirts.

And most of their replies were focused on the comfort they feel when they put on skirts. Other reasons are because it makes them walk freely and regardless of how weird the environment sees it, they would keep putting on skirts. 

Are Skirts modest?

Of course, yea! Skirts are modest. Although not all skirts are modest, especially the short ones. But those that are long – more like knee-length, are considered modest. Why? This is because they provide more coverage than other bottoms, and they make the wearer look more feminine as required. 

In addition, the modesty of skirts is also discussed in the scripture – 1 Timothy 2 verses 9. This is why you see most devoted Christians putting on skirts to church, including other places. In some workplaces, skirts are considered modest and are preferred to be worn by females, rather than pants. 


There are several reasons why skirts are much preferred over pants and they are – they are versatile, not constrained, very comfy, easy to purchase, easy to put on, always trendy, and many more. If you understand these concepts, then you’d understand why most people prefer skirts to jeans. 

Due to these same reasons, many guys choose to put on skirts instead of pants. Aside from that, the fashion of guys putting on skirts is increasing rapidly. I hope you understand why skirts are considered better than pants. 

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