Why Do Pants Have Zippers?

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There are a lot of things in this world that we take for granted. Sometimes, it can be interesting to stop and think about the things we use every day and try to figure out why they are the way they are.

So today, let’s take a look at one of the most common items in our wardrobe – pants. We all know that pants have zippers, but have you ever wondered why? In this blog post, we’ll explore how zippers became such a ubiquitous feature in pants.

So, Why Do Pants Have Zippers? There are a few different theories out there as to why pants have zippers, and they are as follows:

  • They are more practical.
  • It adds a bit of style to pants.
  • They are more durable.
  • Easy use of the bathroom.

They are more practical 

No doubt, the first and most likely answer to the reason why pants have zippers is that – they are simply more practical than those without zippers. If you would agree with me, pants are mostly worn for comfort and a smart fit.

However, this is never possible with pants without zippers. Why? – when pants do not have zippers, the crotch area would never flatten. It will bulge and make you look weird, except if the pants are elastic. 

In addition, elastic pants are not so easy to put on like pants with zippers. For instance, women’s hips are much wider than their waist.

So, therefore, they need pants that can easily pass through their hips to the waist. The same applies to guys – no one would want to stick with a pair of pants that is never easy to wear or take off.

It adds a bit of style to pants

Aside from the fact the zippers make skirts/pants more practical, it adds a little more style to them – which is a huge bonus.

Let’s travel back to history. In the 60s’, pants were made in different styles- including with and without zippers. But the zippers were usually placed differently, so both genders can identify the pants specifically made for them. 

For example, the ladies’ pants had zippers placed at the side which they complained that it is usually difficult to put on and zip up that way.

While the men’s pants had their zippers placed in the middle. Then, in the mid or late-60s’, the women’s pants were designed similar to that of the men’s own – the zippers were also placed in the middle. 

They are more durable 

What matters most is buying clothes that will last you for almost a lifetime, except if you outgrow them. And I can tell you that is what pants with zippers have to offer. They are more durable and less likely to tear than other types of closures, such as buttons or snaps. 

You won’t have to struggle to put them on such that they will lead to any form of a tear. With the zipper, you can easily slide in the pants. 

Easy use of bathroom 

We can’t hide from the fact that we have to always use the bathroom either outdoors or indoors. However, not being able to do it quickly or easily can cause a mess, and can be annoying. One huge factor that can hinder you from using the bathroom fast and easily is your clothes – your trousers. 

But if you are putting on pants with zippers, then you have no problem to face. In addition, pants with zippers were tailored so that men can easily use the toilet – also similar to why women’s pants were made with pants. 

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Why do some jeans have a zipper in the back?

Perhaps you have seen a style of jeans with zippers placed in the back and you are wondering why they are made like that. So, below you’d find out why most jeans have their zipper placed in the back. 

The reasons are as follows:

  • For more space for creativity. 
  • Similar to old fashion. 
  • Makes jeans easy to wear.
  • To make it different.
  • To keep the front smooth.

For more space for creativity 

One actual reason why some jeans have a zipper in the back is to create space for creativity. With the space at the front, the designer has enough space to unleash their creativity either with logos, patterns, patches, and many more. 

Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be zippers – most of them are usually made with buttons similar to blouses with buttons at the back. Plus, they are mostly seen in mostly high-waisted jeans. 

Similar to old fashion 

Another reason why some trousers are tailored with a zipper in the back is that it is more like a history-oriented fashion. 

Back in the day, the maidens used to help with undressing the wealthy, and therefore, zippers and buttons would be placed on the back. It is an old design element that has been brought back into recent fashion. 

Makes jeans easy to wear

The initial reason why zippers were added to jeans or pants was to make them easy to wear. From there, the designer often decides to position the zipper anywhere that seemed nice and would be easy to wear. As aforesaid, women’s hips are wider than their waist, so they need something they won’t struggle with when wearing. 

Whilst the zipper makes it easy for them to wear the trouser, the zipper placed at the back of the pants aids more ease while it is being worn. Furthermore, some men’s trousers also have their zipper placed on the back. 

To make it different 

To bring to your remembrance, there are numerous types – a wide range of jeans named differently. And for you to easily identify them aside from using their names, the designs are made diverse. So, another reason why some jeans have their zipper at the back is to make them different from other types of pants. 

To keep the front smooth

Finally, the reason why most jeans have their zippers in the back is to make the front of the trouser very smooth. And also to give it a lovely, flat, and nice look.

Can guys wear women’s pants?

Of course, guys can put on women’s pants. The rate by which men have been particular about putting on women’s pants has been increasing.

And I tell you, not just pants but most especially women’s jeans. In fact, many clothing brands, particularly menswear brands, have started tailoring men’s jeans to be similar to that of women’s own. 

Although it is mostly the slim-fitted style of pants and jeans that they put on. However, it is advisable that guys put on pants or jeans made similar to women’s own, but not exactly for women. This way the guy would experience enough comfort while wearing the pants. 


Are men’s and women’s pants different?

Oh, yea! Women’s and men’s pants are different. And there are obvious and specific areas that make them different, which I would list and discuss below.

Here is what makes men’s and women’s pants different:

  • Pockets.
  • Fabric.
  • Fitness.
  • Size.


Men’s pants have more in-depth pockets than women’s pants. It was discovered that the pockets in men’s pants are 9 centimeters deeper than that of women’s pants.

This implies that the male pants pockets are 24 centimeters and women’s pants pockets are 15 centimeters – subtract the numbers from each other, then you’d have 9 cm. 

Women are usually with pieces of stuff in their hands, and just like how men can easily put stuff in their pockets, women want to do the same. 


The textile used in tailoring men’s pants is often thicker and of high quality with a perfect finish. When talking about effort used in tailoring men’s pants, it is more than the effort used in making women’s pants. And because of this, men’s trousers are often better than women’s pants. 


When looking at the factors to consider when purchasing both genders’ pants, fitness is mandatory to consider. The men’s trousers fit differently than that of women’s own. This is because women’s physiques are different. 

Ladies put on their trousers from anywhere from the actual waist. While men’s pants are usually lower from the main trouser waist. In addition, men’s pants are tailored with alterations in mind, but ladies’ trousers are never tailored to be changed. 


Finally, another factor that makes men’s pants differ from women’s pants is the Size. Plus, size is amongst the factors to consider when purchasing pants.

 It is often obvious that the crotch parts in men’s parts are different from women’s pants. The crotch in women’s pants is usually made smaller which sacrifices part of the comfort. 

Conclusion – Why Do Pants Have Zippers?

There are many theories as to why pants have zippers tailored to them, and they are because- they are more practical, add more style to the trouser, are much more long-lasting, and make it easy to use the toilet. All these reasons have been discussed in detail, alongside other questions were also answered with more useful information.

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