Why are pencil skirts so attractive

Why Are Pencil Skirts So Attractive?

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A pencil skirt is also known as a slim-fitted skirt. It is made to have a straight, and narrow cut. Generally, the end of the skirt falls on or, just below the knee, and it is sewn to have a tight fit. It is named for its shape because it is long, and slim like a pencil.

Pencil skirts are made from mid-dense or dense materials like cotton, denim, polyester, leather, and viscose. Some pencil skirts are sewn with stretchy fabrics while some are not. Some of these pencil skirts are designed to have slits at the back or the front around the knee. They are designed to fit almost every body type and size.

In this article, we’re going to understand the reasons why people find pencil or slim-fitting skirts so attractive.

  1. Pencil skirts (if they’re long enough) can sort of restrict leg movement in a way that emphasizes butt wiggle and hip-swaying. The pencil skirts show the woman’s figure and curves perfectly leaving enough for a guy to imagine.
  2. They are one of the most decent skirts a lady can wear. The pencil skirt shows confidence and earns a lady her respect. It is a seductive and appropriate skirt to wear.
  3. pencil skirts are well-structured and neatly cut which can make a lady look more polished. Team it with a pair of high heels and a structured blouse and you have the perfect outfit for the office.
  4. Pencil skirts make your legs look longer, expand your shape, slim your waist, and play up your curves. They’re fitted enough to be sultry but refined sufficiently to be beautiful.

What Type Of Body Shape Can Wear Pencil Skirts?

The pencil skirt is universally a favorable skirt that every figure can wear. It is important to choose a pencil skirt with a few certain details of your body type and its shape will ensure that it compliments your body.

For example, A lady can pull off a pencil skirt with a peplum, while another lady might notice that a tapered hem suits her body type best.

People are built differently and it is important to know your body shape to choose a skirt that can make you look fashionable and beautiful. Below are the following body types and shapes that can wear a pencil skirt.

Hourglass Shape

According to the name, it is a body shape that looks like an hourglass. This body shape is characterized by hip and bust measurements nearly equal in size, with a slimmer waist measurement.

Pencil skirts look incredible on an hourglass-shaped body. The pencil skirts lay emphasis on full-figured women with small waists.

Column Shape

It is also known as the “boyish” body shape. It is characterized by narrow shoulders and hips, which are the same in width, small chest or bust, undefined waist, and a flat butt.

It is best for a lady with a column shape to wear a tapered pencil skirt (a skirt that is made smaller to the end) A tapered pencil skirt helps to create an illusion of curves by making it embrace their body shape.

Apple Shape

It is also known as a round, or circular shape. It is characterized by having shoulders, bust, waist, and hips that are moderately uniform; though the shoulder, and hips may be a bit narrower.

The pencil skirt can help your body shape by simplifying your curves with a wide waistband, and fabrics that are a bit stretchy. Wearing a pencil skirt with side slits that reveal beautiful legs can draw attention away from the thick waist.

Pear Shape

The pear-shaped body is characterized by big hips which are usually wider than the bust and shoulders. A pencil skirt should be reduced slightly for a pear-shaped lady.

Skirts that fall straight down will make a lady with big hips and thighs seem like she has a square shape. The pencil skirt should not be reduced too much to avoid too much attention to the curves of a lady.

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What Are The Types Of Pencil Skirts?

Pencil skirts are designed and styled in different ways to fit the body types of different people. The following are types of pencil skirts that can be purchased.

Leather Mini Pencil Skirt

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It is made with faux leather fabric. They are slim-fitting and usually above the knee. It is easy, comfortable, and super modern with lovely overall looks.

The leather mini skirts are usually worn to parties and even movie dates. It can be worn with high boots or heels, a sleek look, dainty accessories, a watch, and a sling bag.

Knee Length Denim Pencil Skirt

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The knee-length denim pencil skirts are made with either stretchy, polyester, or cotton denim materials. It is usually at the knee or a little below the knee.

The skirt comes with a solid look with straight-line hem and pockets detailing, perfect to have an easy, casual, and yet stylish statement look.

It can be worn to regular occasions with a crop top or fancy top, paired with sneakers or loafer, a tote bag, and dainty accessories to nail the appearance.

Short Houndstooth Pencil Skirt

It is made with polyester and viscose fabrics. It gives an overall super fancy yet elegant and classy look. The short houndstooth pencil skirts are worn to offices and formal events. It looks great with a blazer, or chiffon shirt, oxidized jewellery, a big dial watch, a formal bag, and pair of high heels.

Do Guys Like Girls On Pencil Skirts?

Yes, guys like girls on pencil skirts. They see it as one of the most enticing items of clothing a lady can wear because of how tight and slim-fitting it is; making the figure line of a lady more obvious.

They also find it more feminine, and hugely cute, and also they feel ladies wearing pencil skirts are smart and responsible.

Furthermore, the pencil skirt turns some guys on and makes them fantasize about stripping the girl from the tight skirt. Guys like to see ladies’ legs on pencil skirts because it makes the legs look longer and beautiful.

What Are The Clothes You Can Wear With A Pencil Skirt?

Pencil skirts can be paired with any feminine blouse or a masculine shirt, depending on your style, body shape, and skirt too.

When choosing a pencil skirt, you can look for a simple, solid-coloured, or pinstripe skirt. This allows you to pair it with a blouse that has colour, features, a fascinating neckline, or decorations. Below are clothes that you can pair with a pencil skirt.

Sheer Blouse

It is made from a thin material like lace, mesh, or sheer. A sheer blouse is semi-transparent that is worn with an undergarment.

Chiffon, georgette, and gauze are examples of sheer blouses. This sheer blouse can be paired with a pencil skirt for offices and formal occasions. It can also be worn to an evening take-out.

Peplum Tops

This cloth has a short gathered or pleated strip of material attached at the waist of a lady’s blouse or dress. They are one of the best clothes to match with a pencil skirt.

The flair of the peplum over the waist and hips is a nice contrast to the straight line of the skirt and also performs a good job of hiding the hips and accentuating the waist. It is worn with either a pair of flat shoes or heels.

Are Skirts More Attractive?

Yes, skirts are attractive, though some people prefer gowns and jeans to skirts. Skirts are made in several types, shapes, designs, and styles.

They are also made to fit different body sizes and shapes. They are more smart and flexible when women wear them. Skirts provide an intelligent, sexy, and cool look thereby making the skirt one of the female’s most worn dresses.

They can be styled with various clothes to achieve a simple, sexy, and responsible look. Some skirts show female curves, others make the female legs look more feminine and beautiful. This explains why skirts made for women are more attractive and pretty.

Why Are Pencil Skirts So Attractive – Conclusion

Pencils skirts are attractive because of how smart and responsible a lady looks in them. It also shows a lady’s figure lines and feminine legs; these features attract men.

Different body shapes can wear skirts. They include the hourglass, pear, column, and apple shapes. Pencil skirts are made of different types. We have the faux leather pencil skirt, posh pencil skirt, denim pencil skirt, etc.

Also, guys like guys on pencil skirts because they look more feminine and seductive wearing them. Pencil skirts can be paired with a sheer blouse, a blazer, and peplum tops too.

Lastly, skirts are attractive because of how they fit various body types perfectly. Some guys find short skirts more attractive than long skirts, but all skirts are attractive.

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