Does Lululemon Exchange Old Leggings

Does Lululemon Exchange Old Leggings?

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As a lover of lululemon gym gears, you obviously have first-hand experience of two things about them. One is that they are so functional and of exceptional quality. The other is that they are more expensive than most, if not all, of their counterparts.

Their leggings are among the comfiest you can find but their prices range from $50 to $168. Due to how much you have to dole out in order to acquire a pair of lululemon leggings, it is only natural that you will try to get as much value and use out of them as you can.

So you have had your lululemon leggings for quite a long time and they have served you as well as the manufacturers intended for them to.

Now, you are just bored with seeing that same pair over time and you will like to get a newer pair, something fresh in your sight.

Does lululemon exchange old leggings? Yes, lululemon will accept your old leggings in exchange for a credit card. There are conditions that must be met for this to happen and I will discuss these conditions further down.

How does it work?

Lululemon Like New allows you to bring in lululemon leggings that you have lovingly used. In exchange, you get a credit card that they refer to as an e-gift card.

You can in turn use this card to purchase other lululemon wears equivalent to the card’s worth, both at the physical stores and online. The e-gift card has no expiry date. That is, you can use it at absolutely any time. 

Like New was first piloted in two states alone: California and Texas. That was put in motion in May 2021. However, having recorded success from that test, Like New was launched officially across all of  USA on April 22, 2021 (Earth Day).

What is the condition or requirement for exchange?

The leggings must be in good condition and function well. They must not be stained, torn, pilled or spoilt in any way. Gears bought from Like New can still be exchanged again if they continue to be in good shape.

What do I get in return? 

Immediately your used items have been accepted, your e-gift card, with credit equivalent to the exchange price of the accepted items, will be sent to you via email. Below is the credit worth of various acceptable items, including that of leggings. 

  • Outerwear  (jackets and coats) – $25
  • Bags, dresses, sweaters, sweat shirts, pants, hoodies, crops, and leggings – $10
  • Shirts of any kind, skirts, shorts, and tank tops – $5

How do I go about it? 

  1. Select all old leggings that are still in good condition, along with any other lululemon product you would like to trade in. Ensure they all meet the requirement for exchange. 
  2. Take your selected items to the nearest lululemon store in the United States. 
  3. Relax while the staff review your items and determine which ones meet all requirements. 
  4. Receive your e-gift card in your email. You’ll get credit for only the accepted items. 
  5. Take back the items that were rejected or choose to donate them to the company for recycling. 

What does lululemon do with my used leggings? 

After a successful exchange, lululemon Like New renews the old gears, cleaning and remaking them. The refreshed leggings go back on sale at hugely discounted prices on the Like New line. Here, you and every other interested customer can choose from two categories of fairly used products: Gently Used and Good as New. 

Gently Used gears would have minimal defects like a very slight hole or negligible discolouration. However, whatever defect they have will be declared in attached notes.

Good as New products are just as the name implies. They are free of defects. Good as New products attract a slightly higher price than their Gently Used counterparts. 

In addition, all of the profits made on Like New gears are thrown back into the company’s efforts to minimise the effect of their production processes on the environment. 

Apart From Leggings, Are There Other Items Of Clothing Lululemon Can Exchange?

You can actually turn in most of lululemon’s products that you have used, as long as they meet the conditions. The only exceptions are listed below. These are the only items which lululemon will not receive back in exchange for their e-gift card. 

  • Swimsuits 
  • Rash guards
  • ivivva products
  • Items for self-care: These include hand sanitisers, cleansers and moisturisers.
  • Products of collaboration like Roksanda and Barry’s
  • Intimate wears such as bodysuits and underwear
  • Mats, straps, and other props for yoga
  • Accessories: These include shopping bags, hats, mittens, headbands, socks, water bottles, gloves etc.

Apart from the above, you can exchange every other old lululemon gear, be it bags or outerwears.

Lululemon Exchange Policy

Apart from the Like New provision, lululemon has taken other commendable steps to ensure customer satisfaction. Let’s say that by chance, you purchased leggings that happen to be too small or too large for you.

It could also be that you realised that the colour isn’t what you wanted. In either case, you can actually take them back to the store for an exchange. 

But… there are a few clauses. 

  • You have to do the exchange at a store and in person, even if you previously ordered them online. 
  • Exchange must take place within 30 days from when you bought the item.
  • Whatever you’re exchanging should still be in the condition it was bought. This means that you cannot have washed it or worn it and all tags on it must be intact.
  • You have to tender a proof of purchase. 
  • Some products are ‘final sale’, which means that they cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason. These products include face masks, gift cards and items bought from the We Made Too Much area.

Lululemon Return Policy 

Just as there’s a provision for exchange, you also get a chance to return purchases that disappoint you. Lululemon refer to their return policy as their Quality Promise. They will take back disappointing products either in person or through mail, as long as all requirements are met.

All the above requirements for exchange (apart from the first) also apply to returns. In addition, it will take three to five working days for lululemon to process your return. 

How Long Should Lululemon Leggings Last? 

Lululemon takes immense pride in producing best quality leggings and their customers testify to the truth in this. A pair of leggings purchased new at lululemon should last between two years and five years.

If treated lovingly, it will even last over a decade! And I’m talking about leggings that are being worn every day and being washed regularly. 

It is important however, that you care for them properly. Wash them with cool water and air dry them. If you’re in a hurry, you can dry on low tumble. 

Are Lululemon Leggings Worth It? 

As previously stated, lululemon has the most expensive pairs of leggings in the industry. This leads one to wonder what is so different about lululemon and why so many people don’t mind spending heavily to own lululemon leggings. 

One thing you need to know about lululemon is that their reputation precedes them. Almost every lululemon customer says that their leggings are so comfy, stylish, carefully made and durable. For the majoriry, the rest of mind they get from wearing lululemon leggings, is worth the price.

Still, let’s take a look at why they are expensive. Then you can decide for yourself if they’re worth it.


Lululemon only uses the best and most skin friendly of materials. They combine different yarns to come up with their own unique fabric that serves their purpose. .


Costly machines are used throughout the production process. Also, a large number of them are needed to achieve production goals since they work slowly although very effectively. Other machines help to achieve flat seams such that you can hardly feel the seams as you twist, turn, bend, flip or land.


Lululemon employs qualified hands to do the job and this comes at a higher cost than if they just employed unskilled labour. 

Research and Testing

According to the company, Lululemon carries out thirteen to fifteen tests on their product. Plenty of funds are sunk into research and testing, just to attain the comfort and functionality that many users testify to.


They have high standards. This is expected since they cater to the elite. Hence, it may be foolish to sell cheap as the elite would interpret that as inferior quality. 


After all is said and done, Lululemon is popular enough to risk high pricing on their products. People can flaunt and declare, “I’m wearing Lululemon.” … And pay the price for it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Lululemon exchange pilled Leggings? 

Pilling is no longer considered by lululemon to be a matter of quality at purchase. Hence, they won’t accept back your leggings if the only problem it developed is pilling. Also, their Like New line do not accept old leggings if they are pilled.

Can you return damaged Lululemon leggings? 

Yes, you can! The lululemon brand cares a lot about the quality of wears it produces. As such, they have a ‘lifetime warranty’ that allows you to return bought items if they develop a fault within the time frame they are expected to last.

This period is usually between two and five years. Note that the fault must not be due to mishandling or misuse. This means that if your leggings burst at the seam all on their own, you can return them. But if you ripped them on a nail or something, you’re on your own.

Can you exchange at Lululemon without a receipt? 

If you no longer have your receipt for purchase, it is more unlikely that the exchange will be accepted. However, occasionally, a representative of the company’s customer service department may decide to exchange lululemon gears even without a receipt. Otherwise, you get your refund in form of credit cards. 

Can Lululemon leggings go in the dryer?

It is more advisable that you air-dry your lulu leggings in order to retain their softness and help their durability. However, you may also use the dryer as long as you use only low tumble.

Does Lulelemon Exchange Old Leggings – Conclusion 

You can exchange your old leggings for an e-gift card on lululemon Like New. The requirements for this, other items you can exchange, lululemon’s exchange and return policies, have all been laid out clearly in this article.

Also find out here, why their leggings are expensive and if they’re actually worth it. To wrap up, I have supplied answers to some frequently asked questions that you may have as well. 

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