Do Skirts Have Zippers

Do Skirts Have Zippers?

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As a female, skirts are among – the number one, clothing you would have in your closet, whether you like them or not. This is because they are initially made for females to give them that feminine look.

However, since the invention of zippers, a lot of people have been asking if skirts have zippers. In this blog post, I would provide an answer to the question, including other popularly asked questions about skirts.

So, Do Skirts Have Zippers? Absolutely, yes! Skirts do have zippers, but not all skirts. The presence of zippers in skirts depends on the type of skirt.

Some skirts, like pencil skirts, generally do not have zippers. But as fashion revolves, some pencil skirts now have zippers – usually big metallic ones.

Whilst other skirts, like A-line skirts, can either have a zipper or drawstring waist. In other words, if you’re wondering if a skirt does have a zipper, it is best to check the garment itself. 

In addition, most people think the addition of zippers on skirts is tacky and unnecessary. And some of them are poorly incorporated into the skirt.

However, as long as they are tailored perfectly to the skirt, and give the skirt a perfect look, these people would have a change of thought concerning skirts with zippers.

Why do skirts have zippers?

Having known that some skirts do have zippers, the next thing is to find out why most of them are made with zippers. So, in this segment, I would list out the reasons why some skirts are tailored with zippers And also elaborate more on each reason. 

Here are the reasons why skirts have zippers.

  • To be easily worn.
  • For aesthetic purposes.

To be easily worn 

Most skirts have zippers incorporated into them so that the skirts can be worn easily without any hassle. Try wearing a skirt without a zipper and a skirt with a zipper, and see which of them you’d pull up faster to your waist. No doubt, it will be a skirt with zippers. 

In fact, you can decide to wear the skirt with a zipper either facing the front or back – whichever part you are comfortable with. If you will agree with me, you want a skirt that won’t require all your strength to be worn. And I can tell you that you can get that when you have a skirt with a zipper.

For aesthetic purposes 

Another reason why skirts have zippers is to add more beauty to the skirt. As aforesaid, zippers are always tailored to A-line skirts and some pencil skirts. When the zipper is added to either of the skirts, the design won’t look too regular – it will look totally different and unique. 

Although the level of beautification on the skirt when the zipper is added depends on the type of zipper that was attached. This is to tell you that there are numerous types of zippers. 

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How do I sew a zipper on my skirt?

Would you like to see how your skirt would look if you sew a skirt on it? Trust me, it will look absolutely perfect! But you need to ensure that the zipper is well sewn on the skirt. 

I’ve noticed that most people get intimidated when it comes to sewing, however, it is something simple with the right guide.

So, to help you successfully sew your zipper on your skirt, I will share a very simple guide below, including the materials you’d need. 

The materials and instructions you’d need to sew a zipper on your skirt are as follows:


  • A zip.
  • Zip foot.
  • A textile machine.
  • A needle.
  • Clothing pins.
  • Textile chalk.
  • An Iron.
  • Two pieces of textile.
  • A thread (with matching color).

Step 1

Place the two fabrics on each other and sew one side of the textiles together – on the wrong side. Then, open the seam. You can use your hands to flatten the seam area. 

Step 2

Position the zipper from ½ inches on the seam such that the right side is turned to face the seam. 

Step 3

You need to ensure the teeth of the zip you positioned on the seam are on the line. So, you can simply lift the zip up to align it properly. 

Moving forward, If the zip you have is long, use the textile chalk to mark the part you want to cut off. Proceed by employing pins to hold the zip on the fabric to prepare it for sewing. 

Step 4

Add the zip foot, then take the skirt underneath the textile machine needle. Compress the foot and begin sewing near to the zip teeth – as you prefer. Ensure you are still fastening on the wrong side. Also, don’t forget to take away the pins.

Step 5

When you are almost closer to the place you marked on the zip – that you want to cut off, lift the foot, turn the textile, and fasten across the below part of the zipper. Then, raise the foot again and turn the textile and continue sewing up straight. 

Step 6

Halt fastening immediately when you notice that you have completely fastened the zip. Pick up your scissors and cut off the leftover part of the zip that you didn’t fasten.  

Step 7

Turn over the textile and cut open the seam where you fastened the zip. Carefully do this, so you won’t cut off the zip alongside the seam. 

How do I fix a broken zipper?

Even zippers get broken and you would either need to fix them or replace them. And when a zipper has issues it can be very frustrating as you won’t be able to put on your favorite skirt or dress. Below are the way you can fix a broken zipper on your skirt or dress:

Step 1: Identify the problem

Before you can find a solution to your broken zipper, you need to find the problem. 

  • The zip keeps opening.
  • The teeth get stuck on something.
  • Separates easily.

Step 2: Solve the issue

After identifying the issue, then you can find the solution to the problem. 

The zip keeps opening 

This can be quite embarrassing and because it’s your favorite apparel, you wouldn’t want to toss the cloth. You can use the following to solve the problem.


  • Glass.
  • Soap.
  • Needle pliers.


  • Take off the skirt or dress.
  • Check the zip for anything that got stuck in the teeth.
  • Pull the slider down to the bottom.
  • Then, rub the soap you have prepared on the sides of the teeth. Doing this will lubricate and help the zip move freely.
  • Employ the glass (magnifying glass to be precise) to check the zip teeth.
  • Slide the zip up and down to confirm the movement.

The teeth got stuck on something 

There is nothing more annoying than the teeth of a zip getting stuck on something. However, this can be fixed in no time. The instructions and tools you’d need are as follows; 


  • Glass.
  • Wax
  • Plier.


  • Pull off the skirt or dress with the broken zip.
  • Employ the glass (magnifying type to be exact) to examine the part in the zip that got stuck. In most cases, the teeth of the zipper get stuck on hair or thread. However, it could be other things, so look closely. 
  • If you spot the stuff, carefully pull up the zip – only if you can. If you can’t, don’t force it. Then, try to use the Plier to gently bring out the stuff – and as you do so, pull the zip down. 
  • When the stuff is completely out, add the wax to the zip teeth. Then, try pulling the zip up and down.
  • Repeat the zip movement a couple of times to be sure that it is free. 

Separates easily 

When the zip separates easily, then it isn’t on track for use. But to get your zip back to work, follow the steps below. Below are the items and processes you need.


  • A thread color that is similar to the color of the zip.
  • Needles.
  • A scissors.
  • Plier.


  • Take a look at the skirt or dress if you can see the end part of the zip. If you can’t, gently cut the thread to free the tip of the zip.
  • Pull the zip slider down to the end. Fix thread into the free side of the zip and pull it up and down to be sure that the movement is perfect. If you notice that the sides of the zip do not line up, make use of the tweezers to straighten the bent teeth.
  • Examine the teeth again if it is too open, and utilize the tweezers to shut them. Then, close up the zip.
  • Put the thread into the needle, and use them to sew the bottom part of the zip. This would prevent the zip from splitting.

Conclusion – Do Skirts Have Zippers?

Skirts do have zippers, but not all kinds of skirts. Whilst some people think the addition of zipping in skirts is tacky and unnecessary, there are a few functions of the zip in a skirt that I have shared in this blog post. 

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