Do Guys Like Crop Tops

Do Guys Like Crop Tops On Ladies?

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Crop tops are female wear that is accessible in numerous designs, and colors, that are tailored with diverse textiles. They can be easily paired with any bottom. That being said, many females have been asking if guys like this type of top or if they see them as old-fashioned. So, in this article, I will give an answer to the question that is being asked.

So, Do Guys Like Crop Tops? Oh, yea! Guys like crop tops, but not all. Why? There is a saying of the folks that says “each person sees the world in a different way”.

In other words, each guy sees crop tops differently. However, from my research, I was able to get an estimate of the number of guys that like crop tops and guys that do not like them. 

About 90% see crop tops as a very stylish and attractive piece of attire, while the remaining 10% feel crop tops are not decent outfits.

According to a particular guy, he said “he wonders why parents would let their children put on something like that. This is because the lady putting on crop top is essentially informing guys to hit on her.”

Looking at the estimation, it is a bit fair for ladies that would want to put on the crop top to please a guy.

However, personally, I would partially agree with the remaining 10% – because of the type of world we are in. Crop tops could draw the attention of guys which can result in advances that you are not asking for. 

Moving forward, crop tops are tailored in different styles – and there are some that ain’t too open to make you uncomfortable or lead to unwanted harassment. In fact, you can layer them with blazers, hoodies, or jackets.

Can guys wear crop tops?

Of course, yes! Males can put on crop tops. Anyone can put on crop tops – because it is a piece of clothing that is meant to be worn.

While it is true that crop tops are generally marketed towards females, many males have bought crop tops and made fashion out of them. Men like Zac Efron have been seen wearing crop tops.

However, if you choose to wear crop tops, you have to be prepared for the public, depending on the style of the crop top, the body type, and the location. If the guy (or you) is putting on a very short crop top – that looks like a bra, it will draw negative attention. 

But if you are putting in the crop top that is similar to the one that was worn in the 80s’ – this is just revealing the stomach, then it is okay because is usually associated with femininity. That being said, most males can’t put on crop tops because they are afraid to wear them. 

If you are scared of putting them on, I would advise that you layer them with a sweater, blazer, hoodie, and any attire you like. By doing this, you can ease into the idea of wearing a crop top anytime you feel like it. 

In addition, always remember that if even after layering the top you don’t feel comfortable in it, it is best to avoid putting on crop tops. 

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Are crop tops attractive?

Definitely, yes! Crop tops are very attractive. I doubt if the word “attractive” justifies the crop top look – flattering should do a bit more justice to it. Although you can only say that crop tops are attractive and flattering when you put them on correctly and pair them on with something beautiful. 

Crop tops are so attractive such that they can easily draw the attention of someone to the stomach area. As aforementioned, though it is marketed towards women, men now put them on. 

Let’s travel a bit into the past. In the early 80s’ and 90s’, crop tops were deeply associated with the male gender – in terms of athleticism and sports. And right now, crop tops are being brought back into the male fashion industry that a lot of men and male artists now put them on. 

In addition, crop tops fit any body height, shape, and size. They are designed in different ways, so all you just need to do is find which one that fits you. 

Why do girls wear crop tops?

Have you ever wondered why many females choose to put on crop tops? So, I would share their reasons in this segment. 

Below are the reasons why females put on crop tops:

  • Makes them confident.
  • To easily workout.
  • Crop tops offer enough freedom.
  • To express themselves.
  • For total comfort.
  • To look cute.
  • For events.
  • Call off the myth.

Makes them confident 

One reason why I feel girls put on crop tops is that it makes them confident. Regardless of how you choose to put them in a conventional way, you will be very confident – looking stylish and pulling up to be cool. As long as the crop top is neat and smells nice, you would pull confident when wearing your top. 

To easily workout 

Most of them put in crop tops so they can easily work out at the gym, as loose clothes can result in gym accidents that can be severe. 

While some girls wear them to the gym during the summer season to show off how much they worked out all through the winter period. 

Crop tops offer enough freedom

The major reason girls put on some type of clothes is because of the freedom. They get to walk and move freely when they put on crop tops – that’s why many females put on nothing other than crop tops. 

In addition, you don’t have to let anyone dictate what you should put on. As long as you have the ability to put on your crop tops, kindly go for them. 

To express themselves 

One thing about crop tops is that irrespective of your body size or type, you can put them on – also, you would get the type that fits you as you want. 

In the case of putting on crop tops, you are saying you are not going to succumb to what your environment says about them. It also implies that as regards your level of fashion, you find crop tops totally fabulous to wear. 

For total comfort 

I would like you to have in mind that, no female would love to put on a cloth that won’t offer them comfort. And looking at the pattern and style of crop tops, you can imagine the amount of comfort they will get. 

For instance, the midriff crop top was made in such as way that the wearer would get utmost comfort. To look more sophisticated in this type of crop top, you can put on a straight skirt with heels. And trust me, you are all good to put on this outfit for any event. 

To look cute

One major reason why many females put on crop tops is to look cute – at least 60% of girls put on crop tops for this reason. Most ladies always want to look chic (flattering) in the clothes they wear – revealing their legs, some parts of their body, including their cleavage. 

Well, crop tops are one way to have that possible- you can also choose to look modest in them, which all depends on the type you are wearing and how you pair them. 

For events 

There are many events like beach parties, festivals, and many other outdoor events that give you the free will to put on any type of top or clothes you like. 

And since most of these events would be held during the summer season and mostly outdoors, crop tops are the best choice of the top put on. Not only will they make you look beautiful, but they will also keep you cool in the hot weather. 

Call off the myth

There is a myth about crop tops that says “crop tops are meant to be worn by younger females”. But irrespective of your age, feel free to put on crop tops if you are comfortable in them. 

In fact, they are made in diverse cuts, so pick the cuts that aren’t too revealing, and pair them with something nice and modest. Crop tops are tailored for anyone of any body type, complexion, body shape, or size. 

And they are very perfect to be worn for numerous events. They will look good when you wear them with high-waisted skirts or jeans, shirts, blazers, and jackets. 

Conclusion – Do Guys Like Crop Tops?

Guys have different opinions about crop tops, just like we all see the world differently. Most guys like them and some think they are not decent. Looking at the world we are in, if you are revealing your attractive body parts, you can be harassed. This is why I sort of agree with the guys that don’t like crop tops. 

That being said, crop tops are beautiful tops that can be worn to any event if paired right. And there are many reasons why females choose to wear them – I have shared them with you in this blog post. 

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